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This Goat is Out to Lunch

groovy goat foley al

Groovy Goat Foley AL

When hunger strikes in OWA and you’re looking to roll your sleeves up, grab a seat at the Groovy Goat.

The sign outside has a hippie-inspired goat with a satisfied grin–you can draw your own conclusions. But Andrew, the Owner of Groovy Goat, claims that the name has more than one meaning.

“In sports, G.O.A.T. means Greatest of All Time,” he says. “Since we’re a sports bar, we thought it would work on a couple different levels.”

There is no mistaking Groovy Goat for anything other than an epic sports bar. There is a TV at every booth, big screen TVs and a massive bar. You can even find your favorite college logo tagged on the wall with spray paint.

Forget about the cheap wings tossed in mass produced sauce. Groovy Goat is boasting a scratch kitchen.

“Our G.O.A.T. wings are a big-time favorite,” says Andrew. “We are even making our own wing sauce in-house.”

And if wings and sports go together, so do sports and nachos. Groovy Goat is quite literally rolling out some killer nachos–no, really … they have a nacho cart! The nachos are prepared tableside and you get to call the shots.

“Preparing the nachos tableside gives the guests a lot of control,” says Andrew. “You can put ingredients on one side so you don’t have to dig through to find what you want. Everyone can have their favorite in one dish.”

These nachos are huge, so you’re going to need to bring some backup.

“I always say that the nachos are dinner for two and an appetizer for four,” says Sham, our server.

The big games might be on TV, but the Groovy Goat also has a ton of games you can play in the arcade just next door. Challenge your friends and family to over 40 interactive games. The Groovy Goat team will even serve you inside the arcade!

Kick back and chill for a while at the Groovy Goat.

The Groovy Goat is located at 106A South OWA Blvd., Foley, AL. For more information, visit the Groovy Goat website or call (251) 999-4628.